XXVI Pomonas Camonianas

Constância celebrates Camões

Dates: 09 de june de 2023, friday
to 10 de june de 2023, saturday

Hour: 17:00

Local: Constância, Centro Histórico


On the next 9th and 10th of June, Constância hosts the XXVI Pomonas Camonianas, a great cultural event that intends to honour Camões, the time in which the epic lived and his connection to the town of Constância.

Constância has with Camões a very old and deep-rooted affectionate relationship, based on the plurysecular tradition that the epic will have lived in the town for some time, having written part of his poetic production here. On the ruins that people point out as having been the house that welcomed him, the Camões House-Memory was built, which aims to perpetuate the memory of the poet in Constância.

In Constância, the Monument to Camões by master Lagoa Henriques and the Camonian Garden-Garden, designed by the architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Teles, also evoke our epic, presenting most of the plants referred to by Camões in his work and is considered one of the most alive and singular monuments erected in the world to a poet.

Every year on June 10, Camões Day, Constância celebrates Camões and his relationship with the epic by holding the Pomonas Camonianas, an exhibition-sale of flowers and fruits mentioned by the poet in his work (16th century market), evoking the times when Camões lived here. The main characters are the students from all the educational establishments in the municipality, who, with the collaboration of their teachers, parents and guardians, animators and non-teaching staff, represent figures of the time, animate the market, recite poetry and present five-century dances, in a festive manifestation of collective appropriation of the memory of Camões.

Pomonas Camonianas Programme

Price: Free


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