VIII Historic Rally Vila da Sertã

Event of international dimension, scoring for the Portugal Championship of Historic Regularity Rallies 2020 (FPAK).

Dates: 29 de february de 2020, saturday
to 01 de march de 2020, sunday

Hour: 10:30

Local: Sertã, Cernache do Bonjardim e Pedrógão Pequeno, Sertã, Cernache do Bonjardim e Pedrógão Pequeno


The Lusitânia Automóvel Clube with the support of the Municipality of Sertã, the collaboration of the Union of Parishes of Cernache do Bonjardim, Nesperal and Palhais and of the Junta de Freguesia Pedrógão Pequeno, and some companies, as sponsors, will take effect in the end weekend of 29 February and 1 March, the 8th edition of the Rally Histórico Vila da Sertã, an event with an international dimension, punctuated for the 2020 Portuguese Regularity Rally Championship (FPAK).

The Rally will start on Saturday, February 29, with the holding, between 10:30 and 13:00, of the Administrative and Technical Checks at the Casa da Cultura and Alameda da Carvalha, in Sertã.

At 2:30 pm, the First Section of the race will begin, with a 193.68 km course, and the holding of nine special classification events, passing the rally through various locations in the Municipality of Sertã, and then passing through the territory of the Municipalities. from Proença-a-Nova, Oleiros and Castelo Branco, returning again to the lands of Sertã, in particular, to Cernache do Bonjardim, where the first competitor will arrive at 19h25m. During the dinner break (7:25 pm - 8:40 pm), the approximately three dozen classic cars will be on display at Largo do Mercado, in Cernache do Bonjardim.

In an unprecedented costume in this event, the Second Section will be entirely held at night, on a very challenging route around Cernache do Bonjardim (starting at 8:45 pm), ending this night section in Pedrógão Pequeno (at 10:30 pm). On Sunday morning, a demanding third and final Section will be carried out, with the competitors from Pedrogão Pequeno leaving at 10 am, then going on to Oleiros Council to return again to Cernache do Bonjardim, a village where it will take place at 12:15 pm , the Complementary Event next to the Sports Pavilion.

The cloth on the VIII Rally Histórico Vila da Sertã will fall with the award ceremony that will take place at the county seat.

Price: Free


Município da Sertã
Largo do Município, n.º14 6100-738 Sertã
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