Youth festival

Youth festival in Constancia

Dates: 09 de july de 2022, saturday

Hour: 09:00

Local: Constância, Constância


On the 9th of July, Constância will host the Youth Festival, an initiative that takes place in the village from 9:00 am.

A Mountain Bike Tour, a Family Bike Tour, the 5th Urban Downhill in Constância, and a night of entertainment with the Hotel Jugoslavija Concert and the DJ Coffee Beats Live Set are the various events that make up the Youth Festival.

The Mountain Bike Tour and the Family Bike Tour start at 9:00 am and 9:30 am, respectively. With a meeting point at Parque de Merendas de Constância, the two initiatives have mandatory registration, which must be done until July 7 via email, or by phone 918628234. The activity costs 2.5 € for under 12s and €5.00 for over 12s.

The 5th Urban Downhill of Constância, takes place from 15:00, in the Historic Zone of Constância. Participation in the test has mandatory registration until July 7, at, and costs €5.00.

As for the nightlife, it will take place from 22:00, at the Anfiteatro dos Rios, and includes a concert with Hotel Jugoslavija and the DJ Coffee Beats Live Set.

Price: Free


Câmara Municipal de Constância
Estrada Nacional 3 - Apartado 46 2250-909 Constância
249 730 052
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